The Washington Post sunk to a new low today, posting an 'editorial' cartoon of the Cruz daughters as monkeys, dancing for the organ grinder, Ted Cruz. The above pictured cartoon carried the caption:

Ted Cruz uses his daughters as political props

The artist, Ann Telnaes, was immediately struck on social media with complaints about the biased nature of her cartoon. Her Response? She took to Twitter to push back at her critics:



She seems to think it's ok to attack the children of politicians if they are shown in a political ad. We searched and searched for her 'editorial cartoon' of the Obamas in 2008:

And in 2012:


But it seems as if Telnaes is just a partisan political hack that hates Republicans and doesn't mind using small children to try to smear them. Not one drawing, tweet, article or post about Obama's use of his daughters for political 'props' but because Ted Cruz's girls are effective and adorable, she thinks she has to destroy them, and smear their dad along the way?

To his credit, her editor, Fred Hiatt, removed the cartoon after there was immediate and significant pushback. His statement:

It’s generally been the policy of our editorial section to leave children out of it. I failed to look at this cartoon before it was published. I understand why Ann thought an exception to the policy was warranted in this case, but I do not agree.

He 'understands' why the artist thought there was an exception in this case, but he doesn't explain why. Because Ted Cruz is a Republican? Because it was a video and not a photo? Does he 'understand' that because Obama used his family in the ads shown above, that anyone and everyone can attack them? What's the defining difference?

It seems if there is an uproar and outcry that could damage the paper's revenues, they aren't allowed to attack the kids of conservatives. But if nobody cares, I suppose it's open season. 


Once Ted Cruz saw the cartoon, he reacted on Twitter:

Classy. @washingtonpost makes fun of my girls. Stick w/ attacking me--Caroline & Catherine are out of your league.

Cruz supporters immediately began to berate the artist and the Washington Post and it was soon after that the cartoon was removed. In response to all the controversy, the artist, Ann Telnaes, posted another tweet about organ grinders:

Organ Grinders and Their Monkeys Once Entertained on DC Sidewalks

The tweet contained a link to a big post about the history of DC. Her attempted humor did not sway any of her critics, however, as condemnations continued to pour in on social media and the comment section of the original cartoon post. 

To sum it up, Ann Telnaes is a partisan hack who condemns Ted Crux for doing what every other politician has ever done when running for political office: Shown their families in political advertising. For some reason she thinks it is unforgivable when Cruz does it, and the children must suffer. She had no such reaction to Obama's use of his girls during his campaigns. 

Can you say, "hypocrite?"