Marco Rubio has been making some outrageous claims about Ted Cruz's Stance on Amnesty. The Florida fast-talker claims that he and Cruz share the same views and policy stances on immigration and amnesty. Unfortunately, this has no basis in reality, even though there has been somewhat of a feeding frenzy in the media this week, led by Fox News and Politico.

For those of us paying attention in 2013, when Rubio was a founding member of the Gang of 8, a group of 4 Republicans (Rubio, Graham, Flake, & McCain) and 4 Democrats (Schumer, Durbin, Menendez, & Bennett), who crafted an immigration 'reform' bill that included a pathway to citizenship for illegals who came into the country without permission. 

At the outset, Senator Ted Cruz was dead-set against the entirety of the bill. In an interview with Rush Limbaugh in June of 2013, Cruz called the bill a 'disaster.' He even started a national petition against the bill. Even before that, in January of 2013, when the Gang of 8 Bill was still being developed, Ted Cruz issued this statement about the bill:

"I have deep concerns with the proposed path to citizenship. To allow those who came here illegally to be placed on such a path is both inconsistent with rule of law and profoundly unfair to the millions of legal immigrants who waited years, if not decades, to come to America legally.” - America's Voice 

This was wholly consistent with Ted Cruz's statements in 2011 when he was preparing to run for the Texas Senate seat he now occupies. In an interview published by Got News on Youtube, candidate Cruz emphasizes that he is "categorically opposed to amnesty."

 He goes on to explain his support of securing the border by whatever means necessary, to include personnel, technology and he even advocated for a physical barrier before Trump came along. (Walls & Fences)

During the protracted battle on the Gang of 8 amnesty bill, Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, and Mike Lee worked together to craft a strategy to undermine and even kill the bill. As part of that strategy, Cruz peppered the bill with amendments that were designed to either dilute the bills original goals, such as stripping the pathway to citizenship, or to show the hypocrisy of the bill's authors that they wanted to streamline legal immigration. 

The two amendments that have received the most attention and that have been spun by the Rubio Campaign to smear Sen. Cruz are the amendment that stripped citizenship provisions from the bill, and the amendment that would boost H1B visa approvals by 500%. 

First, the amendment that stripped citizenship was designed to show that the intent of the Gof8 was always to provide citizenship to illegals, which Cruz knew would be a boon to the Democrat Party in any upcoming elections. It didn't even address legalization, as that was already included in the original bill, but it simply stripped out the citizenship provision.

Rubio now says that Cruz supported legalization because he didn't also try to strip it out in his citizenship amendment. This is absurd, as Cruz never wrote or submitted word one about approving legalization. The only straw Cruz opponents have in that regard is the explanation Cruz gave about the amendment, explaining that it only stripped citizenship, and not some sort of legal residency. This was entirely consistent with his goal to prove the Gof8 only wanted to establish citizenship, and that legal status was not enough for them. It did NOT mean that Cruz supported legal status.

Second, the amendment on the H1B visa increase was designed to prove the lie that the Gof8 wanted to streamline and improve LEGAL immigration. Using their own statistics and studies, Cruz introduced an amendment to dramatically increase the number of H1B visas up to 500%. His aim was to prove that none of the bill's proponents would support this measure, and he was right. 

All of the Cruz amendments were designed to STOP the bill, as attested by his statements both before and after the entire process. It should be noted that often in legislation a 'poison pill' amendment will be introduced by an opposing senator to damage the original legislation. When introducing these amendments, it is not wise to proclaim that it is a poison pill amendment. It is a strategic move, and requires that the amendment's author support their own amendment to have it attached to the bill. Some have now claimed that Cruz has been dishonest because of these amendments that he introduced. 

Both Senators Mike Lee and Jeff Session as well as talk-show host Rush Limbaugh have gone on the record in the past week to express their support of Sen. Cruz's tactics, and to emphasize that they never understood his position to include legalization for illegal immigrants. 

And insofar as anybody is trying to suggest that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio had the same position with regard to amnesty or with regard to the Gang of Eight bill, That is absolutely false. 100% false. - Sen. Mike Lee


Senator Cruz stood with me. We recognized that the talking points that Senator Rubio and others were using to describe this monumental bill were not accurate. - Sen. Jeff Sessions


Marco Rubio was part of the Gang of Eight trying to secure amnesty and wishes he wasn’t. Ted Cruz never was and they’re trying to make it out like he was. And at the end of the day, when people go vote, people are going to remember of the two, it was Marco Rubio that was a member of the Gang of Eight and Ted Cruz that wasn’t. And that’s as complicated, or simple, as it’s going to end up being. - Rush Limbaugh

  Brett Baier harangues Sen. Ted Cruz on his 2013 battle with the Gang of 8 amnesty bill, interrupting and badgering him during his answers.


MSNBC shocks conservatives by allowing Ted Cruz to answer his critics in his own words regarding the 2013 immigration battle.

After this week's debate in Las Vegas, where Cruz and Rubio sparred onstage over amnesty and national security, Fox News led a full-court press to smear Ted Cruz on immigration. We first noticed in a conversation between Megan Kelly and Brit Hume the night of the debate that Hume especially intended to spin Cruz's record into a negative. 

Pointing to the amendments that Cruz submitted as discussed above, Hume said that Cruz obviously supported some form of legalization and that the good senator can't seem to 'shake hands with the truth' on this issue. We were stunned to hear it.

The next day, Brett Baier interviewed Ted Cruz and asked about his amendments and submission statements in 2013. As Cruz responded, Baier interrupted several times, asserting, "But that's not what you said at the time." Ted Cruz was obviously taken off guard at the attack by Fox, and didn't effectively refute Baier's aggressive assertion. It wasn't until the next day at a press conference in Las Vegas that Cruz issued a detailed statement that reiterated what he has consistently stated his entire public political life.

Amazingly, MSNBC allowed for a full airing of Cruz's comments and accepted his explanation at face value. It was an amazing display of journalism and reporting of the facts. Why is MSNBC so objective and Fox on the attack?

Well, perhaps it is because FoxNews is a mouthpiece for establishment candidates like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Perhaps it is because they forgot to ask Cruz about his stance on amnesty for the last two years. Or just maybe it boils down to Mark Sammon, VP of News and head of the Washington Bureau for Fox News. His daughter, Brooke, is the national press secretary for the Rubio campaign.


Brooke Sammon, Press Secretary for Rubio Campaign





As Ted Cruz continues to rise in the polls, and continues to garner endorsements from national conservative and evangelical leaders, such as the James Dobson endorsement this week, his enemies are desperate to place a stain on his character. While political campaigns are expected to attack their opponents record and even their character, voters have a sense of foul play when the media does it. That's why there is such a level of mistrust for the media by the public.

The media has a poor level of respect and support among American voters and particularly conservatives. When FoxNews stormed onto the scene with their claim of 'Fair and Balanced' conservative rejoiced. But when they stoop to a coordinated attack on a leading conservative candidate, it casts them in with the lowest common denominator among the main stream media. 

Rubio has only one shot to try to smear Ted Cruz, and this is it. If reasonable people examine the claims being made against Cruz, they will see that it is a dishonest effort by a desperate campaign, and reflects poorly on their candidate.

Please make it a point to look at all the evidence and spread truth. Ted Cruz has nothing to fear from the truth.