Today, kids, we are leaving national politics for just a moment to focus on the screwed up actions of the Nevada State Senate. Gov. Brian Sandoval, a supposed Republican, has been pushing a bill, SB252, which will create a progressive scale for business license fees for Nevada businesses. He says its all for the purpose of ‘supporting education.’ He even lined up a buttload of former NV governors to support his latest tax-hiking scheme.

The problem with this bill? It charges based on GROSS RECEIPTS rather than net profit. That’s right, ANY money that has gone through your business account will now determine how much you pay in business license fees. That means what you spent on vendors, cost of goods sold, rent, and everything else it took to keep your business running throughout the year is counted against you when it comes time to renew your business license. Businesses who posted a net loss could potentially pay higher fees, because it is driven by gross receipts, not net profit.

In November of 2014, Nevada voters OVERWHELMINGLY rejected a Gross Margins Tax on business. The average voter understood that it is ludicrous to charge on the gross. Even the IRS allows for business deductions before they start charging taxes. today, Governor Sandoval and the NV senate showed their ignorance of what businesses face to remain viable by their support of SB252. The state senate passed the measure by a 17-4 vote margin. This proves that state representatives are tone deaf to the will of NV voters.

What happens when people in elected office are so out of sync with the voters who put them there? Well, there are sometimes recalls or even primary challengers to the offending representatives. Arguments on social media, in the comments of news articles, phone calls, email protests – to what avail? When it is all said and done, the voters will have to put enough heat on their representatives to make them vote for what their constituents want, not what the part bosses are pushing.

That’s the classic Ted Cruz position, to stand up for what you campaigned on, not what the party elites say needs to happen. The politicians work for the people, not the party. It’s why the GOP leadership hates him, and why GOP voters love him. So, here in Nevada, where is our champion of lower taxes and less regulation? Who will stand and commit to shrinking the influence and effect of government in the Battle-Born state? Michelle Fiore is making a run at it, but not many others, and most seem to fall in line with the party, to be “team players.”

Nevada deserves better. Gov. Sandoval has repeatedly betrayed his base, knowing that there is no one in the state who can challenge him politically, and he has NO ONE who will hold him accountable. If Nevada conservatives can’t come together in opposition of this bill before the Assembly votes on it, then Nevada businesses will have to downsize, cut payroll, move out of state, or go out of business. This is a horrible bill, and a horrible concept. The fact that it is being pushed by a “Republican” governor is a travesty. Coming from the party of limited government and lower taxation, Brian Sandoval has epitomized the meaning of the term RINO, or “Republican In Name Only.”

If you care about prices in Nevada, or the cost of doing business in Nevada, call your assemblyman TODAY, and tell them to oppose SB252!!! Find your legislator here:  Sign the petition to stop the bill here:

This can’t stand, or Nevada voters will forever be under the heel of an unaccountable political class that won’t listen to any of their concerns.