On February 19, 2014, we launched the Nevada For Ted Cruz Facebook page. No one was talking about him running for president at that point, but we recognized the courage and leadership he displayed on a number of issues facing our nation.

The fearlessness and brilliance that Sen. Ted Cruz has shown on a wide range of challenges we are facing has inspired confidence in his ability to navigate the dangers threatening the USA and bring us safely through.

Now that he has announced, Ted Cruz stories are everywhere, and it is good to see him being introduced to a greater number of voters. His instincts are solid, and there is no wavering in his stances. Ted Cruz has never pandered to any audience, but only spoken what he believes to be the absolute truth. Even in Iowa, in the face of corn farmers who benefit from the federal Ethanol Mandate, he had the courage to tell them that he thinks it is wrong, and it should be done away with. It is his personal code of conduct to 1. Tell the Truth, and 2. Do what you said you would do.

Some have said we need someone with executive experience to be the President. We, on the other hand, agree with Mark Levin, who stated on Fox News :

“when we say ‘we need a governor,’ what we’re saying is ‘we need a manager.’ And what I’m saying is we don’t need a manager, we need a visionary who can hire the managers. That’s what Reagan did as governor, that’s what he did as president.” And “whether it’s a governor, a senator, whether it’s a shoemaker, a candlemaker, whether it’s a janitor, I don’t much care.”

Nevada has a Republican governor, Brian Sandoval, that we would not trust with the presidency. He is fighting to raise, and not lower, taxes, he is weak on immigration issues, and a strong supporter of Common Core. Simply holding the office of Governor does not qualify you to lead the nation.

What DOES qualify a person to lead the nation is the courage and inspiring leadership they display. What DOES qualify a person to lead the nation is a grasp of the dangers we face internationally, and a reasoned response to them. What DOES qualify a person to lead the nation is a firm grasp of Constitutional principles and applying them to every situation.

We have supported Ted Cruz for President for over a year, because he is a visionary. He lands on the right view of national issues consistently, and will not swerve from the Constitution in making his policy decisions. He is the number one opponent of Obamacare, and was a driving force in the 2014 wave elections that gave Republicans a majority in both houses of Congress. Candidates that won new seats did so by adopting Cruz’s language on opposing Obamacare, and many of them invited Ted Cruz to speak with them on the campaign trail.

His willingness to fight has inspired the grassroots as they have not been inspired in decades. While other politicians are saying that we should ‘move on,’ from the difficult battles, Ted cruz is leading the way with a charge into the face of the enemy. For every conservative who has felt like giving up, he is a breath of fresh air that brings hope for a brighter future.

The more Americans can see and hear who Ted Cruz is in his own words, and watch his uncompromising integrity, the more people will fall in love with him. He is the man America needs to be great again.