Finally, some movement in Nevada. As one of the five early primary/caucus states in the nation, Nevada can be pivotal to maintain or boost the momentum of presidential candidates in the primaries. Candidates who do well in the first few states most likely go on to compete in the rest of the states. 

Nevada has been a wildcard in presidential elections for the last couple of decades. No single candidate can guarantee a high level of support in the Battle-Born State, even right up to the caucus. Romney won the GOP Caucus with 51.1 % in 2008, and 50% in 2012 (some say because of the high Mormon population in NV), but the state overall went to Obama in the General.

We will do a little more in-depth look at the Caucus process in a future post, but for today, we want to establish that Nevada is an important primary state for every candidate. 

The Ted Cruz Campaign has finally begun moving its ground game in Nevada, and none too soon. Robert Uithoven of J3 Strategies, and most recently from Attorney General Adam Laxalt's campaign has been named the Nevada state director for the Cruz campaign. Last Saturday, Ted's father, Rafael Cruz, spoke at the Nevada GOP meeting, which is a good sign.

This Thursday, Nevadans for Ted Cruz (not the same as this blog) is hosting a debate watch party at Larry's Hideaway, located at 3369 Thom Blvd @ 5:30PM. It would be a great chance to mingle with other Cruz supporters from Clark County.

They are also distributing links to the Ted Cruz Campaign's new app, which will help organize and inform volunteers and supporters. You can find the download links for Apple and GooglePlay here:

Sen. Cruz will also be making appearances in Nevada mid-August, both in Gardnerville and the Las Vegas area. The Gardnerville appearance is hosted by the Morning in Nevada PAC, and is a ticketed event. It will feature other speakers like Carly Fiorina, Dr. Ben Carson, Gov. Scott Walker and even Gov. George Pataki.(?)

The details are not released for the Las Vegas appearances yet, but as soon as we have them we will pass them along. We look forward to a great turnout to show Nevada's support for Ted Cruz!

 ** LATE UPDATE: Rafael Cruz will be at the Marie Calendars on W Sahara at Cimarron tomorrow morning @ 9AM**

**ANOTHER LATE UPDATE: (I don't know why political events don't have more lead time... =/)  AFP will host a debate watch party with John Ratzenberger see details below**

***AFP will host Sen. Ted Cruz at Red Rock Resort on 8/14/15, see details in link below***

AFP hosting Sen. Ted Cruz. Reister HERE: Ted Cruz @ Red Rock