Young America’s Foundation showed a video montage before their conference yesterday, and it is stunning the level of vitriol that the media, Democrats, and even Republicans unleashed on him. It really does show that there is nothing new under the sun. ┬áThe same type of attacks are currently being leveled at Texas Senator, Ted Cruz. Watch how unhinged Reagan made them:

After Communist agitator and former, Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones, admitted the truth last year that the Democrats were so terrified by Sarah Palin that they set out to destroy her reputation, it seems that this is a standard tactic for them. Now they’ve turned their attention to Cruz.

Ted Cruz has pointed out that his critics have historically characterized Conservatives into two categories: 1. Stupid – Reagan, Palin, Quayle; OR 2. Evil – Nixon. He then jokes that he is flattered that they have created a third category for him: 3. Crazy. Watching the video above shows that Reagan received much the same treatment.

The fear the left had of Reagan and his ‘nuclear arms race,’ that he didn’t have a grasp of foreign policy, that he was clueless on economics, that he was ‘superficial,’ ‘glib,’ or ‘ignorant’ – ALL proved to be untrue. He was one of the greatest leaders of the last century, and rather than the doom predicted by the media and by Democrats, he pulled us out of the ditch that Carter had run the U.S. into.

Now, with Obama, the car is not only in the ditch, but the engine is on fire. Ted Cruz is the answer to Obama’s failures just as Ronald Reagan was the answer to Carter’s. He has a depth of insight into national and international issues, and a record of experience that most people are unaware of. One tiny example is National Review’s Jim Geraghty and his outline of Cruz’s service at the FTC.

The next time someone complains that Ted Cruz is no Ronald Reagan, ask them why he is as hated as Reagan was. Cruz is on the right track, and his solutions strike a deep Conservative chord with the grassroots of the GOP. The more people learn about him, the more his support will grow among rank and file Republican voters. They will soon see that Ted Cruz is the best hope, not only to defeat the Democrats, but more importantly, to pull us out of the ditch and extinguish the fire.