Way back in 2013, James Carville gave Ted Cruz high praise:

Namely, that Ted Cruz was the most “talented and fearless” Republican candidate that he had seen in 30 years. He went on to say he was more talented than any of the other candidates mentioned, and that Cruz would “eat their lunch.”

This week, after Ted Cruz’s announcement at Liberty University of his run for President, the media had a meltdown and the left rushed to discredit him. One of the greatest befuddlements to the liberal media is that Ted Cruz spoke for over 30 minutes WITHOUT a teleprompter! CNN spun it as a mistake to roam the stage without a podium because: His jacket looked funny because of his wireless mic. Quite the faux pas, apparently. =/

Rush Limbaugh also complimented Cruz on his ability to speak extemporaneously without notes and pointed to the liberal meltdown over Ted Cruz. He used words like ‘dazzling’ and ‘amazing’ to describe Ted’s speech and the reaction to it. His best observation of the speech pointed out that what we all watched on Monday at Liberty University was the real Ted Cruz:

“But the point is, the people who do do it and can, like Cruz, you don’t need a prompter because it’s in your heart.  You don’t need notes because it’s in your heart.  Therefore, what we had out of Ted Cruz is what he really believes, it’s what’s really in his heart.  He didn’t need notes. He didn’t need a teleprompter. He didn’t need anybody speaking to him in his ear.”

Cruz is running on what he believes. He hasn’t triangulated any of his positions to become more appealing or acceptable to different demographic groups. He speaks what he sees to be truthful, and works every day to live up to his own words. His favorite way to sum up the job of elected politicians is that they should: 1. Tell the truth. 2. Do what you said you would do.

Add to that his depth of understanding of the U.S. Constitution, that he uses to define every stance he takes, and he is a formidable opponent to both the GOP Establishment and the Democratic opposition. Watch for others who run to pander and shift on this position or that position as the polls shift. Ted Cruz will not.

Now, there is a move to paint him as a hypocrite because he will go through the DC exchanges for his healthcare as required by the ACA. People say he’s against it but he’s using it. Yes, he is following federal law even though he disagrees with it. That’s a mark of character, not hypocrisy.

Fearless. Brilliant. Principled. THAT’s why Ted Cruz is getting massive support from the grassroots. Someone we can trust to be honest and follow through on their promises? Someone who won’t give up the fight and tell us to ‘move on’ because the polling is shaky? Someone who will take on what others say is impossible because its the right thing to do?

Yes, please. Give me more of the kind of person Ted Cruz is, because we desperately need in our leadership in the U.S.