First he was too conservative.

Then, he was too mean, and nobody liked him.

After which, they said he would never be able to raise the millions required for a successful presidential campaign.

We aren’t even going to go into the crazy birther arguments that he is not a natural-born citizen. Those have been refuted by judges and legal scholars on both sides of the aisle repeatedly and just like people who claim George Bush blew up the levees in New Orleans and the towers in New York, they will never be convinced. They are a professional conspiracy-theory cadre that enjoy their ‘persecuted’ status. I’ve yet to get an answer from any of them regarding when they will file in court to have Ted Cruz disqualified since their legal arguments are so ‘open and shut.’ Moving on.

Time after time, the political class has been wrong on Ted Cruz. He is finding a wellspring of support not only from Tea Party voters, but he is making inroads with voters who identify themselves with the liberty movement or lean libertarian. Silicon Valley tech executives are even throwing him money.

When people get the opportunity to hear Ted cruz in his own words, without spin, they find that his arguments and reasoning make sense. So they resort to attacking his ‘facts’ even if they have to fact-check his jokes. (No, for reals, CNBC fact-checked Cruz’s IRS joke) They really don’t have anything of substance to hit him with, and when they try to confront him in typical liberal fashion, he responds so gracefully but firmly, that they can’t win the discussion.

The week he announced, he raised $4 million from individual donors, 95% of which were donations of $100 or less. The political class was astounded, because it was an unprecedented amount of support from so many individuals in the first week of his campaign. But of course, they reasoned, it was a one-off, a fluke… it would never happen again.

Then the big bomb dropped the following week. Four separate PACs raised a total of $31 million for Ted Cruz in just under a week. Newt Gingrich came in second to Romney in 2012, and Cruz’s combined $35 million is rumored to be nearly twice the amount that Gingrich raised the entire cycle.

NOW the claim from the ‘Heartland Institute, a think-tank in Chicago, is that conservatives are wasting their money on Ted Cruz. The argument is that yes, that’s a lot of money, but the media has already ruled Ted Cruz out, so there’s no chance. This defeatist attitude is exactly the kind of stupidity that led to McCain and Romney.

Conservatives and Republicans have been so battered by the noise machine in the media and from the leftist, progressive Democrats that they struggle recognizing hope and strength anymore. Well, not all of us, mostly just the ones who claim to be in leadership or are in the business of politics. The professional political class is so married to the media, that they are no longer in touch with the pulse of the American voter, particularly conservatives.

Those of us who held our noses and voted for McCain and Romney because we saw the dangers of Obama’s policies are fully aware that it will take something drastic to even begin to repair the damage that has been done to our economy and to our society. We are also aware that the broadcast and cable news channels, hollywood, and a huge segment of the music industry are hopelessly liberal/progressive, or vapid and shallow enough to only care what their friends think. That’s why we are going it alone this time.

Thanks to the internet and a growing network of Ted Cruz support sites on social media, conservatives who see the promise in Cruz’s message are able to rapidly respond to the smears that the left and even the GOP Establishment put out about Cruz. Having been convinced by his words and deeds, we can engage to refute empty arguments and elitist opinions that don’t reflect the truth on the ground. You can always tell an author or publication that doesn’t carry the truth of their convictions when they do not allow for comments on their publications. Cruz supporters are quick to engage, have facts and links to back up their arguments, and are tenacious with the truth.

Finally, Conservatives see someone willing to stand up for what they believe in. Not just to mouth the words, but to put their reputation and career on the line to stand up for conservative ideals, even when they know they aren’t in front of a friendly crowd. Watching Ted Cruz tell Iowa corn farmers that he would do away with the federal ethanol mandate, you realize that this man does not pander, he consistently stands for a set of principles no matter who it is he is engaging.

Ted Cruz has staying power, he has courage, obviously he can raise the money, and he has a growing base of grassroots activists that will work to promote and defend him on their own time and at their own expense. Our prediction? He will continue to shock and amaze the chattering political class right up to November 2016, and the Presidential Election will be called early – for President-Elect Ted Cruz.